Lasers and Pulsed light sources

We set the benchmark for a wide range of high performance CW and pulsed CO, CO2, optically pumped lasers and semiconductor pulsed light sources.

The infrared had long been dubbed the “Cinderella”  spectral region due to the low level of blackbody emission at long wavelengths but this was changed with the development of carbon dioxide (CO2) and carbon monoxide (CO) lasers in the 1970’s. 

In 1972, we developed the first hazard free, sealed-off continuous wave (CW) CO (5μm) laser and things grew from there. These infrared gas lasers set the standard for high power, stable sources for a wide variety of applications from molecular spectroscopy, non-linear optics, interferometry, process control, atmospheric studies, plasma density measurements and much, much more.


The PL-series of lasers include grating tuned CO2 lasers with a step tunable wavelength from 9-11μm with single line powers from a few Watts (Model PL2), to 50W (Model PL5) and even to 200W (Model PL6) each characterised by excellent amplitude and frequency stability for the most technically challenging tasks.

The higher power FIR lasers can be used to optically pump polar gases (for example methanol, formic acid etc) to create emission in the far infrared or TeraHertz region (40μm – 1.2mm, 7.5 to 0.25THz) with applications in homeland security and scanning, Tokomak scattering density measurements, radar modelling etc.

When high pulsed peak power is required the MTL-5 transversely excited, atmospheric pressure CO2 laser gives reliable MW power pulses.

EPLEDs PicosecondPulsed light sources

This range of lasers has grown to include picosecond pulsed semiconductor diode lasers and sub-nanosecond pulsed light emitting diodes (LEDs) for spanning the UV-visible spectral range.

These products are designed for use at different wavelengths and are compact fully integrated systems optimised as sources for Time Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC). Typical instrumentation that require these sources are fluorescence lifetime spectrometers and fluorescence lifetime multiwell plate readers for spectroscopy applications in biochemistry, biology, photophysics, semiconductor physics, bio-chemical assays etc.

Customised versions of the diode lasers can be also supplied for integration within various types of analytical instrumentation.

Laser Services

We pride ourselves on ensuring first class customer care before, during and after your purchase. Our team of Professional Engineers work closely with our customers to provide effective solutions designed to suit their needs.

Wherever you are in the world, our in-house expertise can be delivered to your door. We provide full service backup on all our own CO/CO2 and FIR products with a 12-month warranty on any service used.

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